SUTCAST Sand Casting Modules

Sand molding is one of the most adaptable metal-forming processes, providing great freedom of design in term of size, shape, and product quality. SUTCAST sand casting modules can be classified on the basis of type of alloys, being ferrous(Iron, Steel) and non-ferrous alloys.


SUTCAST Iron possesses the five basic type of cast iron; i.e Gray iron, ductile iron, malleable iron, white iron and mottled iron. SUTCAST iron module simulates mechanical properties [Hardness, Yield, and tensile Strengths].For cast irons, microstructure simulation will be added to the software shortly.

The software simulates almost all sand casting processes like:

  • Green sand
  • Shell molding
  • Disamatic
  • Investment casting
  • Resin binder processes
  • No-bake
  • Hot and Cold box

We provide you the complete solution offering more options to make the casting design easier and to reduce your costs. To see our solutions and much more details, please visit the solution page.



Steel castings are produced to a great variety of properties. Composition and heat treatment can be selected to achieve specific combination of properties, including hardness, strength, ductility, fatigue resistance and toughness.

SUTCAST Steel built-in complete data base along with, apply for all molding and sand casting process of any category of steel alloys.

In steel casting, most of the times, producing sound parts are very difficult. Taking a lot of time with so many try and error to be prepared for a mass production, Making the first time “ok” part a big challenge.

SUTCAST casting simulation gives the metal caster the opportunity of achieving, not only a significant time and cost reduction in production, but also get the first time “ok” part successfully.  


Check your design in SUTCAST software prior to production line.


Non ferrous Sand casting [NFS] is one of the most adaptable of metal forming processes. SUTCAST NFSC possesses the basic type of Non-ferrous alloys such as Aluminum, Copper, Zinc Magnesium and others non-ferrous alloys and be valid for all sand casting processes.


SUTCAST NFSC built-in complete data base along with ,apply for all molding and casting process added to every category of Non-ferrous alloys.

Simulation of your existing casting design will help you to cost-justify on your decision ,recovering and improvement of the productivity of your foundry operation