SUTCAST Permanent mold Modules 

Permanent mold casting is particularly suitable for the high- volume production of casting. The process can also be used to produce complex castings. SUTCAST permanent mould modules can be classified by the type of mechanism used to fill the mold, such as: Low pressure die casting and gravity die casting.

SUTCAST   Low Pressure Die Casting [LPDC]

Low Pressure Die Casting method lends itself to automation, and it usually runs at lower mold temperature and with shorter cycle times than conventional gravity-poured. The rapid solidification rates coupled with Low pressure casting result in casting with finer grain size, and improved mechanical properties.

SUTCAST LPDC is a modeling software package to successfully combine powerful graphical features with sophisticated analysis tools and robust numerical algorithms for simulation of LPDC process.

SUTCAST LPDC and SUTCAST wheel will affect to all alloys are pouring in low pressure die casting method



Besides the basic feature of all modules in solidification and fluid flow simulation, the main Features of SUTCAST Low Pressure Die casting are:

•Velocity Vectors
•Pressure Distribution
•Vacuum Effect
•Back Pressure calculations         
•Heat Transfer
•Cyclic Casting
•Air Entrapment
•Venting Effect            
•Heating Effect
•Air Cooling
•Chilling affect

       •User-defined pressure conditions
•Vacuum casting processes
•User friendly CAD interface 


Reduced costs with SUTCAST advanced casting simulation software, is a comprehensive approach to casting excellent. We proudly created the best LPDC simulation software on Earth with competitive pricing.

SUTCAST Gravity Die Casting [GDC]

Gravity die casting is mostly suitable for high –volume production of casting with fairly uniform wall thickness and limited undercuts or complicated internal coring. The process can produce complex castings. Metals that can be cast, include aluminum, magnesium, zinc, copper alloys, and hypereutectic gray iron

  SUTCAST GDC is designed to make the job easier for both die maker and foundry man, design your die and see comprehensive result before you touch the die, Bring down your cost and time during  the process

Any metal alloys you need to cast in metal die are provided by SUTCAST team


SUTCAST gravity die casting modules provides a vehicle for an exchange of information about all aspects of a process. The rule and data collection forces you to consider why elements work in a certain way