Services we can provide....

  • Solidification and Fluid Flow analysis (Casting Simulation)
  • Casting design
  • Design analysis
  • Process optimization
  • Process design
  • consulting
  • Software development

With using SUTCAST casting simulation software, we simulate your current casting design and provide a report related to the solidification and mold filling simulation result.

The report included images and animations from both solidification and mold filling along with analysis of results.

For finding the detail of SUTCAST output, we recommend to visit the solution page in our website. For what kind of data is needed to running the simulation (casting process data sheet or SUTCAST input) contact us

SUTCAST Service Simulation includes:

1-Solidification simulation:

  • Solidification times and directions
  • Chills, Exothermic, Insulator and coating Effects
  • Residual stress prediction (cast iron)
  • Hot spots
  • Riser positioning and feeding requirements                   
  • Simulation Modulus
  • Cooling Curves in Casting and Mold                          
  • Liquid Mapping (feeding distance prediction)
  • Microstructure simulation                                           
  • Thermal gradient (G)
  • Hot tear prediction                                                           
  • Mechanical properties prediction (cast iron and Aluminum alloys)
  • Sand core blowing location                                                     
  • Temperature Distribution during Solidification and Mold Filling
  • Macro Shrinkage and Micro-Shrinkage Distribution

2-Mold filling Simulation:

  • Filling pattern                                            
  • Air entrapment
  • Misrun and cold shuts                                 
  • Turbulence
  • Over flow positioning                                 
  • Sand erosion
  • Vent location
  • Velocity vectors
  • Pressure distributions in molten metal                                             
  • Particle tracking (inclusions, oxides and gas bubbles )

If you need casting design for new part or wanted modifying your current design we are here to help you. We can optimize and modify your gating system and your process. Please send us an email if you need more information.