In this case study, the challenge was to improve the gating system and reduce the number of risers along with eliminate the shrinkage. It is important to consider how the steel flows into the mold to provide rapid filling without turbulence. Steel castings require shorter metal flow paths and larger amounts of metal to take away high shrinkage. 

yoke             Part name: Yoke
Material:    Carbon Steel      
Mold type: Green sand
Weight:      80kg 

Key benefits: Enhance quality and soundness by:
• Remove shrinkage
• yield improvement
• The Number of riser is reduced

yoke-raw designyoke-shrinkage 
Displacing the shrinkages from cast part into the feeder and eliminating macro shrinkage in SUTCAST


SUTCAST fluid flow module lets foundrymen visualize the flow of molten metal to ensure a laminar flow of liquid and simultaneous filing of the two parts