Wagon Wheel

This case shows to reach a better yield without actually running it in foundry by using simulation. Traditional try and error in product line add cost to the casting parts.


3 pic-wagon     

Part Name: Wheel

Weight :      120 (Kg)            

Material :     GGG 70

Mold Type: Green sand    

Task performed by SUTCAST:

Design optimization and modeling  


            Initial                              First try                             Second try                           Modified

initial=wagon     ft.wagon     st=wagon     modified

           Shrinkage                           Shrinkage                           Shrinkage                         NO Shrinkage

in-sh-w     ft-sh-w     st-sh-w     m-wagon


SUTCAST casting simulation will optimize your casting parts resulting in lower cost and higher productivity. Produce casting parts with maximum yield is a major challenge for foundry man.