Case Studies Overview


SUTCAST has been successfully validated by over hundred different industrial castings of ferrous and non-ferrous alloy. These case studies are a simple example of a systematic approach towards the optimization of casting and gating design. 


Aluminum Wheel

Removal Defects in alloy wheel fabrications is one of the more exacting tasks facing the foundry man


This case study is a simple example of minimizing the riser and gating system by using SUTCAST software

Wagon Wheel

This case shows to reach a better yield without actually running it in foundry by using simulation

Crank Shaft

Austempered ductile iron has appeared as a new engineering material in the industry. The use of ADI for engine components has many advantages over forging.


Scrap castings cause much worry in steel casting. Metal casters try to produce perfect castings. But few castings are completely free of defects

Mill Housing

Casting of heavy part doesn’t have any space to try and error . For any  foundry- man, it is essential to have the first time ok part.

This advanced technique provides excellent results particularly in terms of process time and product performance.
As the art and science of solidification modeling has progressed, it has become clear that simulation is the only way for having first time Ok parts and Significant cost saving. This is the reason for Simulation being an important part of the design process