It might be difficult to find a ductile iron foundry that has not produced a hub. It also would come as no surprise to learn that many of these foundries have had problems to produce Hub with the soundness.

      Part Name : Hub
Weight       :11.65 (Kg)
Material     : Ductile   Iron   (GGG40-GE)
Mold Type : Silica Sand           

This case study is a simple example
of minimizing the riser and gating system by using SUTCAST software 

  Naked simulation       Initial design  First try    Improved design 
   Shrinkage   No Shrinkage  No Shrinkage +
Yield improvement

The number of risers is decreased from 4 to 1 in the first try. As you see in the second modification, the riser shape is changed into an optimum geometry, resulting to improved casting yield while the casting quality is maintained. Optimization and Casting yield is an important factor in cutting production costs. With Using SUTCAST’s advanced modules and precise algorithms; it is promising to reach a high yield through managing the design parameters.

Yield Improvment                                                        
                                                      Yield improvement 

SUTCAST helps users optimize their production line through improving the casting yield