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SUTCAST is one of the most powerful simulation software especially designed for modeling of casting processes.
For a quarter of century, SUTCAST team has been developing many advanced algorithms making it possible to predict the behavior of casting systems in the most accurate way and faster than ever. 
Advanced modules of SUTCAST help foundry-men have a perfect preview of their products, optimization systems and improve productivity of their production line within the shortest time. Moreover:

1-Less expensive

You can get SUTCAST simulation in the market technology and achive higher qualities with a lower price compare with other softwares. Even small foundry size can afford to purchase this advanced tool.

It doesn't need highly experienced users and thus help saving training costs and cutting long time course expenses. following the manual and less than one day users can run the simulation. needless to say, more experienced users users can benefit more!

3- No costly computer

New release of the software can work even with laptop computers which are in principle low cost with advantage of mobility anytime, anywhere.

4- Strong support

More than a quarter century of continuous development has been always accompanied by our full support.Client are always helped by SUTCAST team in order to improve their design and achieve the maximum productivity. we believe that your succes is our bessiness under SUTCAST name.

5- Excellent services

•We offer our customers Unlimited telephone, on –line messaging or remote desktop support
•Comprehensive database for all required material properties and process conditions

Keys of feature:

 • A team of expert
 • A variety of processes
 • User friendly
 • Automatic, Fast, and unlimited mesh generation
 • Visualization of fluid flow
 • Analyzing cast parts

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