SUTCAST software version 9 released

January 10, 2008

This release introduces a variety of improvements and some innovative new technologies
SUTCAST version 9 delivers many major updates to the SUTCAST software including better performance, support, and lots of productivity improvements and much more:

•Variable mesh size
•Faster algorithms to reduce simulation time
•Modeling objects up to 25,000,000 computational cells
•New parameters and results such as, Thermal gradient, Local solidification times, Hot rearing, Liquid Fraction
•Multiple particle tracking
•Thermal contact resistance between objects
•simulation report  
•More tools and option for visualizing STL objects
•New interface with advanced feature for solidification
•Generation of static images as well as video files from standard and custom-defined sections
•Small file size to save space
•Multiple cooling curves
•Variable velocity of pressure boundary condition
•Precise algorithms for macro shrinkage prediction

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