Company Overview

SUTCAST Software  Technology Inc. is a world leader in Casting simulation and modelling technologies and integrated solutions for Foundry around the globe. The company was founded in 1984 by Prof. P. Davami.

Throughout our history, Company has taken pride on our capability to partner with customers to solve their casting problems in modern, cost-effective ways.

SUTCAST has grown in a global progress with more than 50 employees.    


SUTCAST group has been developing many advanced algorithms making it possible to predict the performance of casting systems in the most accurate way and more rapid than ever. Software can benefit any size or type of foundry by providing a complete solution base on a group of expert specialized in metal casting profession.

We are working on new version of the software with greater capabilities in many aspects. Optimization and high pressure die casting [HPDC] are subjects to add in our value very soon.

SUTCAST provides the most accurate and realistic predictions, it can be easily used by most engineers and technical staff.